Sprinter Van, Dodge ProMaster, Ford Transit Intermediate Door Stop Kit

From: $47.95

Our 3rd Generation Sprinter Van Intermediate Door Stop Kit is now available in silver or black to match any Sprinter van sliding door track.  This stop has been tested and works flawlessly in all Sprinter vans from Pre-2003 all the way through the new 2019+ models, as well as the Dodge Ram ProMaster van and Ford Transit van and any vehicles built on these same chassis using the same sliding door mechanism.  Not compatible with vans with power sliding doors.  Works with manual doors only.

This door stop can be installed in the roller track of your sprinter van to create a mid-way stopping point to hold the door at a specific location.  This is useful if you are parked on an incline, or just want to have the door open but maintain some privacy.  The door can still easily be opened all the way.  This stop does not hinder normal door operation.  If installed with JB Weld, we guarantee this doorstop for the life of your vehicle.  If at any time it comes loose and is lost or damaged, contact us for a free replacement.

We have tested and sold this kit with several different adhesion methods, and the strongest method seems to be to use original JB Weld 2 part epoxy or an industrial grade urethane adhesive (which is much more permanent).  The installation only requires a tiny amount of JB Weld, so if you already have some sitting around, it should work fine.  If you do not have any, it is available as an additional charge to save you a trip to the store.

***If you purchased a door stop that included a different adhesive and it was lost or damaged because the adhesive failed, please email us right away at for a free replacement.


The Sprinter Van Intermediate door stop comes as a kit with all necessary supplies and detailed instructions with lots of pictures.

Please read a detailed product review here:

Download the complete instructions here:

Sprinter Van Door Stop Installation Instructions



    This thing is awesome!

  2. Jason @

    This tiny piece of metal is a must have for any Sprinter owner! Though it seems minuscule, having the ability to create a semi-opened stopping point for the sliding door is wonderful. For years before discovering this product I found myself constantly wishing that I had a way to stop my door half way. Needless to say, I was excited to find this product and even more pleased to find that it works great. My family and I have lived full-time in our van for 10 months now ( and I couldn’t imagine life without it.

  3. Patrick Fronek

    This is a good product and wished I thought of it myself. My slider gets used several times a day and door goes easily all the way back if needed or where the stop is installed. Holds even on a fairly steep incline. Highly recommended.

  4. LAURA GARDNER (verified owner)

    I love this little piece of MAGNIFICENCE! I have the second generation door stop. Ordering the 3rd generation for my other slider door now. This should be an even better experience, with not having to mix the epoxy adhesive. Can’t wait!

  5. Bruce

    Hi. Just wanted to confirm the Sliding Door Stop is compatible and works with the 2017 Dodge Promaster. I see many positive reviews regarding the Sprinter Van
    Thank you

  6. enof Killebrew

    anything for the 2006 econoline?

    • Jesse Norton

      I believe we have customers with this van already. As long as it has the same style sliding door track it should work the same.

  7. Cyn Denove

    I love my tiny little doorstop – such power in a tiny package! It is amazing to feel the door catch just where I need it to for easy access. When I want it to open further it does without difficulty. Before installing it, the door hit me numerous times when I just wanted to step in quickly. It really holds on hills, too.I am so happy to have this – if it were to fall off I would immediately order another. Thank you!!

    • Jesse Norton

      You’re welcome! Thank you for your business, and happy new year!

  8. Steve Boyne

    Hi there. I bought a silver one from you lady year in preparation for my conversion. I’ve managed to have a black rail fitted so now need a black one. Can you send to the UK ?

    • Jesse Norton

      We are happy to ship to the UK, you should have the option to select the UK during checkout when you enter your address.

  9. Rod Mayer

    is this door stop compatible with a 2006 Freightliner Roadtrek 210 Adventurous?

    • Jesse Norton

      Yes I believe it will work fine.

  10. Elizabeth Estevez

    Can you install more than one on one side. I would like a halfway and almost clised stop?

    Best regards

    • Jesse Norton

      Yes you can! Lots of people do this.

  11. David

    Question – have you shipped overseas to europe – France specifically? I really like this idea, but I’m over here, not in the states and wondered if you ship to here.
    Thanks – great idea.

    • Jesse Norton

      Yes! we’re happy to ship anywhere in the world. Please send us an email to with your address and telephone for customs and we can get a price for you.

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