Reformer Shoes for balanced body® Studio Reformer®


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Price is for a set of four Reformer Shoes for one reformer machine.

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One set of Reformer Shoes for the popular Studio Reformer® by balanced body®.

Reformer Shoes are non-slip, non-marking rubber pads that are precision cut to the same shape as the legs of the Studio Reformer® and use a super strong peel and stick adhesive backing to attach to the bottom of each Reformer leg.  Once installed, they will keep your Pilates reformer machines from dancing all over the studio during even the most intense workout and cardio classes.  Reformer Shoes are made from the same non-slip industrial strength rubber material that is used on our popular Reformer Boots.  However, Reformer Shoes are very thin and disappear once installed on the bottom of your Reformers.  Reformer Shoes are extremely effective at keeping your reformers from moving, and will not damage your hardwood, vinyl, or laminate floors.  If you decide you need to move your reformers, simply carry the reformer to the new position and set it down.

An extra bonus of using the Reformer Shoes is the ability to level your reformers if the floor isn’t quite level.  Pick up an extra set and simply peel and stick a second or third Reformer Shoe on any legs that are rocking on the floor to stabilize your reformers at the same time as you keep them from moving around.


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