Reformer Boots for balanced body® Studio Reformer®


***Our customers have been so happy with our new Reformer Shoes for 1/4 the price that we have discontinued our Reformer Boots. Click here for our Reformer Shoes***


Price is for a set of four Reformer Boots for one reformer machine.  Shipping or delivery may be extra.  No charge for local pick-up in San Diego, CA.  Please contact us for shipping/delivery options.

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One set of Reformer Boots for the popular Studio Reformer® by balanced body®.

Reformer Boots are non-slip, non-marking feet that will keep your Pilates reformer machines from dancing all over the studio during intense workout and cardio classes.  Reformer Boots are made from premium quality baltic birch plywood to perfectly match your reformers and chairs.  Reformer boots use a patent pending wedge design that allows them to be quickly and easily installed without any tools and they self adjust to lock your reformer into place.

The non-slip industrial strength rubber bottom is extremely effective at keeping your reformers from moving, and will not damage your hardwood, vinyl, or laminate floors.  If you decide you need to move your reformers, simply lift each side of the reformer and remove the Reformer Boots, then re-install them once the reformer is in the correct location.

Here’s a 1 minute video showing how easy they are to setup:


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