Norton Trigger Shim Kit for Planet Eclipse Etha 2


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The Etha 2 from Planet Eclipse is arguably the best paintball marker for your money ever produced.  It’s simple, air efficient, effective, and ultra reliable being powered by the legendary Planet Eclipse Gamma Core and manufactured without any external air lines.

However, because the Etha 2 uses a glass-reinforced nylon (GRN) frame and is manufactured by injection molding (instead of machining like the higher end aluminum frame markers), the free-play between the machined aluminum trigger and the GRN body leaves a little to be desired.  This brass shim kit is designed specifically to solve this issue and improve trigger movement and feel in your Planet Eclipse Etha 2.  Brass is the ideal material to use for a trigger shim kit because brass is a hard metal that is naturally self-lubricating, to maintain excellent trigger feel for the life of your marker.

The Etha 2 marker typically has somewhere around .018-.025″ of free play when the trigger is installed from the factory.  Ideally you only want .003-.005″ free play for best trigger feel.  This kit includes (2) .010″ shims and (2) .007″ shims.  You can use one shim, or a combination of any 2 shims to fill the extra space to reduce the free play to .003-.005″ or to suit your preference.


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